Testimonials from Our Clients

The peace of mind you get with the right insurance is something real. Nothing illustrates this better than stories of real people, like you and me, who have benefited from their coverage. Here are selected testimonials from clients.


Dear Frank,

I cannot thank you enough for going ahead and starting my claim for me - I
would probably have just not done it right away as I am not too great right
now - and a couple of years ago I had an experience with Genworth when I
changed from bi-annual billing to annual billing that took over a year -
volumes of Email and telephone calls - and huge frustration on my part.  I
did request fairly recently a Certificate of Insurance on all policies - and
I was happily and pleasantly greeted with fast service and great people.

Today, before noon, I received a call from Genworth from one of the most
gracious representatives I have ever worked with who asked if I had time (of
course), and then proceeded with the interview and questions in a voice and
speed I could actually hear her (right now one hearing aid is totally dead,
and the other one is dying so I am in great shape there too).  They are
sending something tomorrow FEDEX, and it looks like this will process fairly
quickly.  However, I would still be thinking about this had it not been for
you and your going ahead to get me started with this.  

She explained the parts of my policy that could apply which I had frankly
never understood and at this point probably would not have read and it looks
like this is going to be financially a great benefit to me which would be
extremely helpful now.  Although I have had Caregivers over 2 years, I had
never put in a claim, however, I do now have a definite diagnosis and
personally am having to face how I am going to handle all this physically,
emotionally, and financially which with Genworth's help, will now not be a

I did explain that I quit driving early last year and have lived in
Continuing Care the last 8 years and the benefits I receive here - and this
was the brightest thing I ever did frankly.  Spent 4 years researching what
CC was, and then locating Vi at La Jolla Village (then Classic Residence by
Hyatt) and this makes the combination of my future ability to afford living
here plus the advantages of what I receive here the most logical thing
possible.  My future care whether it is Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or
Memory Loss, is all right here, just in the Care Center once I move from my
apt. which I hope never to do although my neighbor is back in the Care
Center at 99 again, and I know she will be fighting to get back to her apt.
again which is retained for her until it is determined she can never go

You have made my life very easy for me now by starting me on the right path
at a time I really am not functioning all that well and certainly not
particularly motivated to do anything new.  I am extremely grateful to you
for your very special help at a time when I really need this.

Most sincerely,

Jewel Locke


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